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Those who know me well know that I have a love for Atlantic Canada, artistry and have always had a passion for nature that could never be restrained. Ever since the days of Junior High school wood working class (which seems like an eternity ago), the desire to work with raw materials and paint have been a hobby of mine. Whether it be home improvement projects, spending time on the trails, or gardening; I have been passionate about enjoying natural surroundings to its fullest.There is an extraordinary beauty in using raw reclaimed wood. There is just something remarkable about barn board and unwanted pallets. The distorted grain patterns, exceptional colors and impressive designs in each piece that cannot be recreated by anyone else other than Mother Nature herself.Now…. add a splash of paint and your story. That is where it all came together to create a one-of-a-kind local project. Needless to say, I am hooked.Each piece of art has a unique story to tell. Stories that are just as unique as the products that inspire them – your first date on Argyle Street, an unforgettable trip in the Cape Breton Highlands, your Grandparents old yellow house on Oxford Street, Jellybean Row, Sunday morning at the Charlottetown market. Those who are away and homesick that love to visit or even call the Maritimes home can have a piece of it in their home away from home.Each piece is sourced locally from renovations on old buildings, typically over 100 years old. These pieces can be used on a wall needing some love, a shelf or mantel. Size, color and texture will have small variations due to the nature of reclaimed wood and of course, can be customized.Tell me your story, send me pictures, give me inspiration and tell me about your favorite hidden gem or nook in the world




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